General terms of rental of villa No. 576 in the privat recreational area Penati Golf Resort (hereinafter „GT“)


I. Introductory provisions

1.1 The GT regulate mutual relations between the company GolfBay s.r.o. (hereinafter „GolfBay“) and client (hereinafter the „Client“) associated with online booking of Villa No. 576 in the privat recreational area Penati Golf Resort (hereinafter the „Villa“) on GolfBay website (hereinafter „online booking“), payment terms and terms of Client made online booking cancellation, as well as all other rights and obligations resulting from legal relation established upon the Villa online booking. The GT also regulate the terms of the Villa rental, based on the online booking made by the Client.

1.2 Filling in the online booking form and paying the rental price, the Client expresses the approval with the GT and commits to observe them. The GT represent an integral part of each and all Villa Rental Contracts concluded between GolfBay and the Client via online booking system.

1.3 GolfBay provides the Villa for rental to legal and physical entities. Individuals younger than 18 years of age are only allowed to use the Villa when accompanied by a person older than 18 years of age.

1.4 Using the online booking system, the Client confirms that he/ she has reached at least 18 years of age and is fully eligible to acquire rights and assume obligations.

1.5 Using the online booking system, the Client shall fill in all required data on the online form on the website

1.6 After verification of required booking term availability and received payment from the Client pursuant to Article II. hereof, GolfBay shall confirm the booking on the Client´s e-mail address, including the booking ID that shall serve as an ID for any booking changes including cancellation pursuant to Article IV. hereof.

II. Payment terms

2.1 After filling in and sending the booking form by the Client, and after subsequent confirmation of the Villa availability by GolfBay in the form of so called Booking Confirmation Email, the Client shall be obliged to pay full price of the Villa rental either by credit card or wire transfer as stated below.

2.2 In case of payment by credit card, the Client shall fill in the credit card related data as required by the online form when paying through the payment gate TRUST PAY. Filling in the data, the Client confers approval with payment settlement for the booked Villa rental in full amount in favor of GolfBay, and empowers GolfBay to conduct the payment transaction. Total rental price shall be immediately cleared in favor of the GolfBay bank account.

2.3 In case of wire transfer, the booking system shall generate a pro-forma invoice that shall be sent to the Client´s e-mail. The Client shall pay the pro-forma invoice within the following 48 hours, otherwise the booking shall be cancelled. Wire transfer payment for the Villa lease booking is required 10 days ahead of the rental commencement at the latest.

2.4 After deposit of the Villa rental price on GolfBay account, the invoice shall be issued in compliance with tax regulations in effect, and sent to the Client via e-mail.

III. Terms of use of Villa

3.1 Only the number of persons stated in the Booking Confirmation Email shall be allowed to enter the Penati Golf Resort. Maximum number of persons allowed in the Villa is six. When entering the privat recreational area Penati Golf Resort, it is necessary to present the Booking Confirmation Email.

3.2 The Villa rental check-in time refers to 3:00 PM on the first day of rental and check-out time refers to 11:00 AM on the last day of rental. The Villa is accessible upon the entry code, which shall be sent to the Client via e-mail or SMS at the latest 24 hours prior to the first day of rental.

3.3 Entering the Villa, the Client shall check its equipment, eventual damage or lack of functionality thereof. The Client shall obligatorily report on incomplete Villa equipment, evtl. observed damage or disorder of the equipment immediately via SMS sending to phone No. +421 902 919 919 or via e-mail to:, otherwise it shall be supposed that the Villa was properly equipped at the time of the rental commencement, and in flawless and fully functional condition. The Client shall be responsible for eventual damages incurred to the Villa and the equipment within entire rental duration.

3.4 The Client is not allowed to use own electric appliances in the Villa, except those used for hygienic needs (shavers, hair dryers, cell phone chargers, PC, etc.)

3.5 Dogs and other animals are not allowed in the Villa.

3.6 Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Villa.

3.7 The Client is obliged to observe night silence from 10:00 PM to 06:00 AM.

3.8 Max. four motor vehicles shall be parked in front of the Villa on the specified parking lots.

3.9 The Client is obliged to acquaint him/herself with and follow the contents of the effective Operating Order of the Residential and Golf Resort Šajdíkové Humence, issued by the Golf Residence Senica a.s., and published on Golf Residence Senica a.s. website:

3.10 The Client acknowledges and upon the rental payment settlement, he/ she expresses approval with the monitoring of the adjacent Villa exterior premises by the camera system.

3.11 In case of any questions related to the online booking or any special requirements (e.g. earlier rental check-in or later rental check-out), the Client may contact GolfBay on phone No.: +421 902 919 919 or via e-mail on:

3.12 GolfBay has exclusive right to back out and immediately terminate the Villa rental if the Client has breached the GT, the Operating Order of the Residential and Golf Resort Šajdíkové Humence, if he/she caused damage to the Villa or its equipment, or if his/ her conduct during the rental has been contradictory to the good morale. GolfBay has also right to back out of the Villa rental if the rental has become impossible because of the occurrence of events that couldn´t be avoided, or unusual/ unforeseeable events.

IV. Change of booking, terms of rental cancellation

4.1 If the Client wishes to change the online booking or to cancel the Villa rental, such request for change/ cancellation shall be made via e-mail on the address or by phone on No. +421 902 919 919. The Client shall state the booking ID in each and all requests for booking change/ rental cancellation.

4.2 If the Client wishes to change the online booking but such request cannot be satisfied for certain reasons, GolfBay shall inform the Client thereon via e-mail, and the Client shall not be entitled to any fulfillment in relation to disabled change of online booking.

4.3 In case of cancelled online booking by the Client within max. 14-day period before the first rental day, GolfBay shall be entitled to cancellation fee corresponding to 100% rental price.

4.4 If the Client fails to apply the entry code on the first day of rental period, the Rental Contract shall be automatically cancelled and GolfBay shall be entitled to cancellation fee corresponding to 100% rental price.

V. Personal data

5.1 GolfBay processes personal data pursuant to generally mandatory legal regulations of the Slovak Republic, and mainly to the Act No. 122/2013 Coll. on Personal Data Protection as amended.

5.2 GolfBay processes personal data of clients for purpose of the Villa booking, rental, and use. Personal data are processed during period necessary for meeting the processing purpose – booking, Villa rental and check of its use – i.e. for max. two years from the data collection. GolfBay processes personal data without consent of the subjects involved pursuant to § 10 clause 3 item b), Act No. 122/2013 Coll. on Personal Data Protection as amended.

VI. Final provisions

6.1 The GT and legal relations resulting thereof shall follow the Slovak law and order.

6.2 GolfBay has right to amend the GT; published amended GT on website shall be considered written notification of the amendment.

6.3 The GT shall come in force and become effective on Nov 01, 2016.